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A Peek...

We are dedicated to spoiling your kitty and ensuring your peace of mind.  Kitties enjoy bright individual rooms, suites, or townhouses with snuggly baskets, fluffy towels, Wellness™ dry foods, fresh water, and their own litter boxes. 

During the day they choose their play activities.  The 1800 square foot resort offers superior exercise and stimulation amenities for both indoor and outdoor kitties.  They can scamper up indoor trees, explore loft spaces, or just relax and nap on comfy furniture or in their room. 

Our totally protected, fresh-air garden with bubbling fountain is an ideal spot for bird-watching or just catching some rays. 






For further entertainment, they can view the finest cat-oriented videos, test their stalk and pounce skills with a treasure trove of the latest cat toys, or gaze into the aquarium.


And we offer grooming services with only natural products.



Sunshine enjoying the sunny garden


Butterscotch behind the acquarium

So come take a quick tour:

In the front door look right to the Shopping area,




then take a left to the Welcome Desk.


Go through the door behind the  Welcome Desk to the Living Room (don't  let any cats out!),




then Right into the East Room:











Turn around and look back and up and you’ll see the mezzanine with artwork created by one of our coworkers and cushioned furniture for our guests to lounge on.

Now turn left through the East Room,

through the Grooming area,

to the Garden Room. 

The door at the end of the Garden Room leads to the secure bird-watching and sunning garden.




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