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What to Bring

Oscar having a snooze.

Alexis in her basket.

Gonzo performing for his favorite treat!


The health of our guests is of paramount importance.  We require a veterinarian’s verification that your cat is healthy and current with distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies shots.  You can bring the vet record when you and kitty arrive or ask your vet to fax the records to us at our 24 hour fax number (1.805.898.9168)

Kittens are welcome at 4 months of age or older and by age 8 months must be neutered/spayed.

We pride ourselves on a flea-free environment!  Every arriving guest goes directly to his or her room or suite and stays there for the first overnight.  If the new arrival brought unwanted visitors we will find “flea dirt” (physical evidence of fleas) in the room the next morning and we will administer (and charge for) Advantage® and/or Capstar® treatments.  This policy protects our open resort environment. 

A favorite towel, blanket, T-shirt, or pillow that smells like home (and you) is welcome but strictly optional.  Please label your cat's soft goods with your name in indelible ink.

You are free to bring your kitty's favorite toys, but you should be aware that toys tend to be carried around the shop and "shared" by other cats - we cannot guarantee that your kitty's toys will be returned, but we do have a large supply of "exchange" toys.

 We recommend you bring your kitty's favorite food.  Otherwise we provide high quality dry food at no charge and wet food is available for purchase. There is no extra charge for twice-daily room service .
Medications and dietary supplements are  administered as requested.  There are additional charges for administering food supplements, vitamins, medications, insulin and other injections, and subcutaneous hydration therapy (fluids). 

Names, phone numbers, and email addresses where you can be reached and the name, number, and email address of a local friend or family contact who can speak for you are required; this is particularly important when you are traveling internationally. Your local contacts are welcome to visit your kitty at the hotel while you’re away as well!




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